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Hi there! I'm Claire Louise Hartley. I'm a professional interior designer and decorator with a focus on commercial design. For the right project and the right client, I also take on domestic projects. Below is my philosophy and my approach to work. I'm based in Lancashire but work all over the UK and sometimes abroad. Let's see if we're a good fit!

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Design is my Passion

About Me

I'm an experienced decorator as well as a designer. I also have a background in architecture and business psychology. I've been in this line of work for several years and now I've become an independent contractor. I love design. All aspects of it. It influences each and every one of us every single day. It's my passion and it's my life.

The Importance of Design

Color schemes, spacing and room layout, ergonomic furniture and lighting are all incredibly important for a product work place and a happy home life. The psychological impact of these factors could be the difference between a happy productive workforce or a miserable place to be forced to return to everyday.

Quality Materials and Furnishings

Did you know that when carpets are removed from commercial buildings the rate of staff sickness dramatically increases? Quality carpet will trap bacteria, dust mites and all other sorts of nasty things that are prone to making us ill. It’s a constant filter.

Quality paint will last longer, look better and prevent mold and rot. Exceptional painting and decorating (like the firm I recommend below) will promote a happy, more focused workforce. This applies to all areas of life and work too. Poorly designed, uncoordinated colours along with a messy, improper use of space makes focusing on the important things difficult. This is why we tend to feel better when our offices, and more specifically our desks are well organised.

Ergonomic furniture is also important. A healthier workforce is a happier and more productive workforce. This is an investment in your employees overall health as well. Sitting with poor posture will reduce focus, weaken the spine and is a major contributor to heart disease.

Recommended Contractors

I’ve worked a great deal with Liverpool Painters. They’re a highly competent team that produce exceptional work. If you’re project is in North West England then I highly recommend them. They’re skilled in all forms of commercial and domestic decorating work and they’re my contractors of choice for this region. You can visit their website here: Painting and Decorating Services.
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